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Aeries Parent/Student Portal

over 3 years ago

Aeries Parent Portal

The Aeries Parent Portal provides you with access to your child's grades, classroom assignments, attendance, and other important information.  A letter will be mailed home the first week of September with information needed to create an account.  Below you will find instructions on how to create the account once the letter is received.  If you have any questions, please contact the school.

Parent/Student Resources

over 2 years ago

Informational Websites

  1. Student Counseling Referral

  2. DotDash About's a human-created reference guides

  3. BBCi Worthy of classic status on the strength of its multimedia news coverage alone.

  4. Our favorite metadictionary.

  5. Encyclopedia Britannica The encyclopedia, online.

  6. FedStats Home Page If there's one thing the government actually produces, it's statistics; and if there's one place to find them, it's here.

  7. The official portal to Dubya's house, the Senate, The Hill, and more government bodies than you can shake a stick at, much as you might be tempted.

  8. The Library of Congress An almost frightening amount of information.

  9. MedScape WebMD's site for medical professionals.

  10. Nolo Press Legal mumbo-jumbo unmumbified.

  11. Technology Review MIT's well-organized publication on emerging technologies.


  1. Funbrain teachers make quizzes for Students  Http://

  2.  AT&T Virtual Classroom

2016-2017 GMS Dance Team Roster

After School Education & Safety Program

over 2 years ago

The mission of the EUSD After School Education and Safety (ASES) program is to provide academic and social success for participating families by establishing a safe and motivating environment that supports the instructional day.

The ASES program operates every regular school day during the regular school year (180 days).  The program starts immediately upon the conclusion of the school day and operates until 6:08pm.  A daily nutritious mini-meal is provided.  The program operates with a student/staff ratio no greater than 20 to 1. ASES currently provides priority registration to students grades 3rd-6th.

Program elements of ASES include the following:

  1. Education and Literacy Element

Provides homework time and homework assistance.This portion is done the first 45-60 minutes.All students participating in ASES must participate in this portion.Students picked up before the end of this segment on more than three occasions may be terminated from the program.While time is provided to work on homework, it is not necessarily checked for completeness or accuracy by program staff.


  1. Education Enrichment Element

The educational enrichment element offers an array of programs and activities that reinforce and complement the regular day academic program.Educational enrichment may include, but is not limited to, positive youth development strategies and recreation activities including visual and performing arts, physical activity, health/nutrition promotion, community service-learning projects, science related activities, and garden clubs. Please contact the Site Coordinator for specific program enrichment offerings.

Site Coordinator

Israel Salazar

District Cell:  (209) 602-7158

District Coordinator

Elisabeth Wilson

District Cell: (209) 652-5162