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Parent/Student Resources

Informational Websites

  1. Student Counseling Referral

  2. DotDash About's a human-created reference guides

  3. BBCi Worthy of classic status on the strength of its multimedia news coverage alone.

  4. Our favorite metadictionary.

  5. Encyclopedia Britannica The encyclopedia, online.

  6. FedStats Home Page If there's one thing the government actually produces, it's statistics; and if there's one place to find them, it's here.

  7. The official portal to Dubya's house, the Senate, The Hill, and more government bodies than you can shake a stick at, much as you might be tempted.

  8. The Library of Congress An almost frightening amount of information.

  9. MedScape WebMD's site for medical professionals.

  10. Nolo Press Legal mumbo-jumbo unmumbified.

  11. Technology Review MIT's well-organized publication on emerging technologies.


  1. Funbrain teachers make quizzes for Students  Http://

  2.  AT&T Virtual Classroom

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