Teachers of the year 2021-2022

 2021-2022 Empire Union School District’s ‘Teachers of the Year’

The Empire Union School District’s Teacher(s) of the Year Program highlights educational innovation, student learning, and the rewards of teaching in each of six (6) district schools. The purpose EUSD Teacher of the Year Program is to honor the teaching profession and to heighten interest in teaching as a career. This EUSD program affords the opportunity to bring attention to teachers who successfully employ strategies to increase academic success and narrow the achievement gap among a range of students. Further, the program attracts parents, students, and community attention to the positive aspects of our EUSD educational system.

The EUSD Teacher of the Year process represents the outstanding teamwork and collaboration in place within all EUSD schools. The experienced teachers selected as EUSD Teachers of the Year are exemplary and highly qualified.  Pictured below is the 2021-2022 EUSD Teachers of the Year and their students: